Commit 4bab9672 authored by rinpatch's avatar rinpatch Committed by lain

Fix bookmark migration using a query with a schema

This resulted in failures when updating from Pleroma <1.0 because of all
the new fields that were added to the user schema.
parent 6f5ac081
...@@ -8,10 +8,10 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Repo.Migrations.MigrateOldBookmarks do ...@@ -8,10 +8,10 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Repo.Migrations.MigrateOldBookmarks do
def up do def up do
query = query =
from(u in User, from(u in "users",
where: u.local == true, where: u.local == true,
where: fragment("array_length(bookmarks, 1)") > 0, where: fragment("array_length(?, 1)", u.bookmarks) > 0,
select: %{id:, bookmarks: fragment("bookmarks")} select: %{id:, bookmarks: u.bookmarks}
) )
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