Commit 6ecd1dd1 authored by normandy's avatar normandy

Remove mention of GNU Social

Pleroma-FE has not supported GNU Social for a while now. Plus the
wiki page for setting it up has been deleted.
parent cf3fbdd6
# pleroma_fe
> A single column frontend for both Pleroma and GS servers.
> A single column frontend designed for Pleroma.
......@@ -11,7 +11,6 @@ To translate Pleroma-FE, add your language to [src/i18n/messages.js](https://git
You don't need to build Pleroma-FE yourself. Those using the Pleroma backend will be able to use it out of the box.
For the GNU social backend, check out to see how to run Pleroma-FE and Qvitter at the same time.
## Build Setup
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