Commit f197a2aa authored by lain's avatar lain

EntityNormalizer: Add colons to emoji alt text.

This makes it possible to copy them and still have them work.
parent 5ac2c365
......@@ -210,7 +210,7 @@ export const addEmojis = (string, emojis) => {
const regexSafeShortCode = emoji.shortcode.replace(matchOperatorsRegex, '\\$&')
return acc.replace(
new RegExp(`:${regexSafeShortCode}:`, 'g'),
`<img src='${emoji.url}' alt='${emoji.shortcode}' title='${emoji.shortcode}' class='emoji' />`
`<img src='${emoji.url}' alt=':${emoji.shortcode}:' title=':${emoji.shortcode}:' class='emoji' />`
}, string)
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