Commit 0429edca authored by Alexander Strizhakov's avatar Alexander Strizhakov

ssl options for gun

parent 918a8094
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......@@ -46,9 +46,15 @@ def after_request(opts) do
defp add_scheme_opts(opts, %{scheme: "http"}), do: opts
defp add_scheme_opts(opts, %{scheme: "https"}) do
tls_opts = [
log_level: :warning,
session_lifetime: 6000,
session_cache_client_max: 250
|> Keyword.put(:certificates_verification, true)
|> Keyword.put(:tls_opts, log_level: :warning)
|> Keyword.put(:tls_opts, tls_opts)
defp maybe_get_conn(adapter_opts, uri, incoming_opts) do
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