Commit ad2a7972 authored by Martin's avatar Martin

OAuth: Set `created_at` in token exchange response

(for compatibility with Mastodon)
parent b60d2327
......@@ -60,11 +60,13 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Web.OAuth.OAuthController do
fixed_token = fix_padding(params["code"]),
%Authorization{} = auth <-
Repo.get_by(Authorization, token: fixed_token, app_id:,
{:ok, token} <- Token.exchange_token(app, auth) do
{:ok, token} <- Token.exchange_token(app, auth),
{:ok, inserted_at} <- DateTime.from_naive(token.inserted_at, "Etc/UTC") do
response = %{
token_type: "Bearer",
access_token: token.token,
refresh_token: token.refresh_token,
created_at: DateTime.to_unix(inserted_at),
expires_in: 60 * 10,
scope: "read write follow"
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