Commit 52b44184 authored by kaniini's avatar kaniini

transmogrifier: reject activities lacking a valid ID

parent d5bdd55b
......@@ -177,6 +177,12 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.Transmogrifier do
def fix_content_map(object), do: object
# disallow objects with bogus IDs
def handle_incoming(%{"id" => nil}), do: :error
def handle_incoming(%{"id" => ""}), do: :error
# length of https:// = 8, should validate better, but good enough for now.
def handle_incoming(%{"id" => id}) when not (is_binary(id) and length(id) > 8), do: :error
# TODO: validate those with a Ecto scheme
# - tags
# - emoji
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