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gitlab: create templates for bug reports and release MRs

See merge request pleroma/pleroma!2304
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### Precheck
* For support use or [community channels](
* Please do a quick search to ensure no similar bug has been reported before. If the bug has not been addressed after 2 weeks, it's fine to bump it.
* Try to ensure that the bug is actually related to the Pleroma backend. For example, if a bug happens in Pleroma-FE but not in Mastodon-FE or mobile clients, it's likely that the bug should be filed in [Pleroma-FE]( repository.
### Environment
* Installation type:
- [ ] OTP
- [ ] From source
* Pleroma version (could be found in the "Version" tab of settings in Pleroma-FE):
* Elixir version (`elixir -v` for from source installations, N/A for OTP):
* Operating system:
* PostgreSQL version (`postgres -V`):
### Bug description
### Release checklist
* [ ] Bump version in `mix.exs`
* [ ] Compile a changelog
* [ ] Create an MR with an announcement to
* [ ] Tag the release
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