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fix some translation about blocks

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......@@ -199,11 +199,11 @@
"avatarRadius": "头像",
"background": "背景",
"bio": "简介",
"block_export": "导出",
"block_export_button": "到处你的块到一个 csv 文件",
"block_import": "导入",
"block_import_error": "错误导入块",
"blocks_imported": "块导入了!需要一点时间来处理。",
"block_export": "拉黑名单导出",
"block_export_button": "导出你的拉黑名单到一个 csv 文件",
"block_import": "拉黑名单导入",
"block_import_error": "导入拉黑名单出错",
"blocks_imported": "拉黑名单导入成功!需要一点时间来处理。",
"blocks_tab": "块",
"btnRadius": "按钮",
"cBlue": "蓝色(回复,关注)",
......@@ -246,7 +246,7 @@
"hide_post_stats": "隐藏推文相关的统计数据(例如:收藏的次数)",
"hide_user_stats": "隐藏用户的统计数据(例如:关注者的数量)",
"hide_filtered_statuses": "隐藏过滤的状态",
"import_blocks_from_a_csv_file": "从 csv 文件中导入",
"import_blocks_from_a_csv_file": "从 csv 文件中导入拉黑名单",
"import_followers_from_a_csv_file": "从 csv 文件中导入关注",
"import_theme": "导入预置主题",
"inputRadius": "输入框",
......@@ -273,7 +273,7 @@
"notification_visibility_mentions": "提及",
"notification_visibility_repeats": "转发",
"no_rich_text_description": "不显示富文本格式",
"no_blocks": "没有",
"no_blocks": "没有拉黑的",
"no_mutes": "没有隐藏",
"hide_follows_description": "不要显示我所关注的人",
"hide_followers_description": "不要显示关注我的人",
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