Commit 5ab88380 authored by Farhan Khan's avatar Farhan Khan

Added cheatsheet entry for backend `chat` variable

parent c27d1d65
......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ You shouldn't edit the base config directly to avoid breakages and merge conflic
* `notify_email`: Email used for notifications.
* `description`: The instance’s description, can be seen in nodeinfo and ``/api/v1/instance``.
* `limit`: Posts character limit (CW/Subject included in the counter).
* `chat`: Enables or disables backend chat, depends on `enabled` set to true or false.
* `chat_limit`: Character limit of the instance chat messages.
* `remote_limit`: Hard character limit beyond which remote posts will be dropped.
* `upload_limit`: File size limit of uploads (except for avatar, background, banner).
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