Commit 1c05819c authored by lain's avatar lain
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Merge branch '2081-deleted-user-chats' into 'develop'

ChatController: Don't die if the recipient is gone.

Closes #2081

See merge request pleroma/pleroma!2926
parents 22050f9e 78939c1d
......@@ -149,7 +149,9 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Web.PleromaAPI.ChatController do
from(c in Chat,
where: c.user_id == ^user_id,
where: c.recipient not in ^blocked_ap_ids,
order_by: [desc: c.updated_at]
order_by: [desc: c.updated_at],
inner_join: u in User,
on: u.ap_id == c.recipient
|> Repo.all()
......@@ -267,6 +267,21 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Web.PleromaAPI.ChatControllerTest do
describe "GET /api/v1/pleroma/chats" do
setup do: oauth_access(["read:chats"])
test "it does not return chats with deleted users", %{conn: conn, user: user} do
recipient = insert(:user)
{:ok, _} = Chat.get_or_create(, recipient.ap_id)
result =
|> get("/api/v1/pleroma/chats")
|> json_response_and_validate_schema(200)
assert length(result) == 0
test "it does not return chats with users you blocked", %{conn: conn, user: user} do
recipient = insert(:user)
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