Commit 9fc20ed5 authored by Thurloat's avatar Thurloat
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works now, tested with profile photo upload on local backend.

parent dad39b24
defmodule Pleroma.Upload do
alias Ecto.UUID
import Logger
@storage_backend Application.get_env(:pleroma, Pleroma.Upload)
|> Keyword.fetch!(:uploader)
......@@ -28,19 +27,15 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Upload do
# XXX: does this code actually work? i am skeptical. --kaniini
def store(%{"img" => "data:image/" <> image_data}, should_dedupe) do
parsed = Regex.named_captures(~r/(?<filetype>jpeg|png|gif);base64,(?<data>.*)/, image_data)
data = Base.decode64!(parsed["data"], ignore: :whitespace)
tmp_path = mkupload_for_image(data)
# create temp local storage, like plug upload provides.
tmp_path = tempfile_for_image(data)
uuid = UUID.generate()
# create temp local storage, like plug upload provides for us.
content_type = get_content_type(tmp_path)
strip_exif_data(content_type, tmp_path)
......@@ -66,9 +61,11 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Upload do
def mkupload_for_image(data) do
def tempfile_for_image(data) do
{:ok, tmp_path} = Plug.Upload.random_file("profile_pics")
:file.write_file(tmp_path, data, [:write, :raw, :exclusive, :binary])
{:ok, tmp_file} =, [:write, :raw, :binary])
IO.binwrite(tmp_file, data)
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