Commit 0f1fc382 authored by Roman Chvanikov's avatar Roman Chvanikov

Add test case for attachment deletion when non-map data.url present in DB

parent d6a532bf
......@@ -143,6 +143,40 @@ test "with dedupe enabled" do
assert {:ok, files} =
refute filename in files
test "with objects that have legacy data.url attribute" do
Pleroma.Config.put([Pleroma.Upload, :uploader], Pleroma.Uploaders.Local)
file = %Plug.Upload{
content_type: "image/jpg",
path: Path.absname("test/fixtures/image.jpg"),
filename: "an_image.jpg"
user = insert(:user)
{:ok, %Object{} = attachment} =
Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.ActivityPub.upload(file, actor: user.ap_id)
{:ok, %Object{}} = Object.create(%{url: "", actor: user.ap_id})
%{data: %{"attachment" => [%{"url" => [%{"href" => href}]}]}} =
note = insert(:note, %{user: user, data: %{"attachment" => []}})
uploads_dir = Pleroma.Config.get!([Pleroma.Uploaders.Local, :uploads])
path = href |> Path.dirname() |> Path.basename()
assert {:ok, ["an_image.jpg"]} =="#{uploads_dir}/#{path}")
ObanHelpers.perform(all_enqueued(worker: Pleroma.Workers.AttachmentsCleanupWorker))
assert Object.get_by_id( == nil
assert {:ok, []} =="#{uploads_dir}/#{path}")
describe "normalizer" do
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