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    Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into settings-refactor · b66564a3
    HJ authored
    * upstream/develop: (89 commits)
      remove needless ref
      show preview popover when hover numbered replies
      refactor conditions
      do not make too many nested div
      add fetchStatus action
      refactor status loading logic
      split status preview popover into a separate component
      uninstall mobile-detect library
      listen both events
      minor css fix
      restrict distance at top side only
      set different trigger event in desktop and mobile by default
      fix eslint warnings
      fix popper go behind the top bar
      migrate Popper to v-popover
      fix popper go behind the top bar
      fix eslint warnings
      reset font-size to normal text size using rem
      use top placement by default
      hide status preview popper when hover popper content
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