Commit 9f6be4fe authored by HJ's avatar HJ 🐼

Merge branch 'fix/fix-link-to-external-users-in-who-to-follow-page' into 'develop'

Fix/Fix links to external users in Who to follow page

See merge request pleroma/pleroma-fe!918
parents 877a71fa dd340bb9
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......@@ -21,7 +21,8 @@ const WhoToFollow = {
name: i.display_name,
screen_name: i.acct,
profile_image_url: i.avatar || '/images/avi.png',
profile_image_url_original: i.avatar || '/images/avi.png'
profile_image_url_original: i.avatar || '/images/avi.png',
statusnet_profile_url: i.url
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