Verified Commit e36a434b authored by href's avatar href

FlakeId.from_string/1: remove old, un-needed conversion

parent 422e60ad
......@@ -33,10 +33,6 @@ def to_string(flake = <<_::integer-size(64), _::integer-size(48), _::integer-siz
def to_string(s), do: s
def from_string(<<id::integer-size(64)>>) do
<<0::integer-size(64), id::integer-size(64)>>
for i <- [-1, 0] do
def from_string(unquote(i)), do: <<0::integer-size(128)>>
def from_string(unquote(Kernel.to_string(i))), do: <<0::integer-size(128)>>
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