Commit 9bd6ed97 authored by kaniini's avatar kaniini

activitypub: user view: use route helpers instead of hardcoded URIs

parent 29e946ac
......@@ -12,23 +12,21 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.UserView do
alias Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.ActivityPub
alias Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.Transmogrifier
alias Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.Utils
alias Pleroma.Web.Router.Helpers
alias Pleroma.Web.Endpoint
import Ecto.Query
def render("endpoints.json", %{user: %User{local: true} = _user}) do
def render("endpoints.json", %{user: %User{nickname: _nickname, local: true} = _user}) do
"oauthAuthorizationEndpoint" => "#{Pleroma.Web.Endpoint.url()}/oauth/authorize",
"oauthRegistrationEndpoint" => "#{Pleroma.Web.Endpoint.url()}/api/v1/apps",
"oauthTokenEndpoint" => "#{Pleroma.Web.Endpoint.url()}/oauth/token"
"oauthAuthorizationEndpoint" => Helpers.o_auth_url(Endpoint, :authorize),
"oauthRegistrationEndpoint" => Helpers.mastodon_api_url(Endpoint, :create_app),
"oauthTokenEndpoint" => Helpers.o_auth_url(Endpoint, :token_exchange),
"sharedInbox" => Helpers.activity_pub_url(Endpoint, :inbox)
|> Map.merge(render("endpoints.json", %{user: nil}))
def render("endpoints.json", _) do
"sharedInbox" => "#{Pleroma.Web.Endpoint.url()}/inbox"
def render("endpoints.json", _), do: %{}
# the instance itself is not a Person, but instead an Application
def render("user.json", %{user: %{nickname: nil} = user}) do
......@@ -468,8 +468,8 @@ defmodule Pleroma.Web.Router do
scope "/", Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub do
post("/users/:nickname/inbox", ActivityPubController, :inbox)
post("/inbox", ActivityPubController, :inbox)
post("/users/:nickname/inbox", ActivityPubController, :inbox)
scope "/.well-known", Pleroma.Web do
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