1. 29 Apr, 2017 6 commits
  2. 28 Apr, 2017 17 commits
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      Add tests to the Feed model (#2594) · 27301312
      Joël Quenneville authored
      This adds a test for the `Feed#get` method. While the data
      transformations in `Feed#get` may seem redundant, they are important to
      maintain the order from Redis. The tests I wrote will fail if someone
      tries to refactor away this "redundancy" (as I tried to do in the first
      iteration of this change).
    • Patrick Figel's avatar
      Set correct attachment type for rejected media (#2599) · 8ac7fca5
      Patrick Figel authored
      In #2110, a new attachment type "unknown" was introduced for
      attachments that were rejected due to a domain being blocked using
      reject_media. However, the "type" field was never set to "unknown"
      because a default value of "0" (image) is set for that column,
      causing the `type.blank?` expression to always equal false.
      This version uses type_changed? instead, causing the type to be set
      to "unknown" unless a type has been explicitly set. This introduces
      a small change in behaviour causing the type to be set to unknown
      before paperclip calls `before_post_process`. Presumably this
      behaviour is more appropriate than the current one because the
      attachment type has not been determined by that point.
      Included are new tests for `ProcessFeedService` and
      `UpdateRemoteProfileService` which now check that remote media is
      downloaded for non-blocked domains and is rejected for others.
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      Fix API for Mastodon version (#2590) · 298d28af
      Yamagishi Kazutoshi authored
      Fix #2589
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      Minor updates to zh-CN JS translation (#2557) · 439b2dce
      Mingye Wang authored
      * Minor updates to zh-CN JS translation
      * removed "!" from "toot" per #2549 (it's a privacy indicator)
      * ellipsis work (from ... to some U+2026 horizontal ellipsis unicode stuff)
      * Spillcheck for zh-CN js translations (squash this)
      部 [份→分]
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      More controller specs (#2561) · 9566893c
      Matt Jankowski authored
      * Add render_views in more places
      * Delegate methods from account to user with allow nil true, so that admin accounts show view renders when missing a user
      * Use actual account instances in authorize follow controller spec
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      Update Russian translation (pluralizations) (#2565) · 4acc386d
      Ratmir Karabut authored
      * Add Russian translation (ru)
      * Fix a missing comma
      * Fix the wording for better consistency
      * Update Russian translation
      * Arrange Russian setting alphabetically
      * Fix syntax error
      * Update Russian translation
      * Fix formatting error
      * Update Russian translation
      * Update Russian translation
      * Update ru.jsx
      * Fix syntax error
      * Remove two_factor_auth.warning (appears obsolete)
      * Add missing strings in ru.yml
      A lot of new strings translated, especially for the newly added admin section
      * Fix translation consistency
      * Update Russian translation
      * Update Russian translation (pluralizations)
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    • Matt Jankowski's avatar
      Gem version updates (#2566) · 61067dc2
      Matt Jankowski authored
      * Update autoprefixer-rails to version
      * Update aws-sdk to version 2.9.12
      * Update http to version 2.2.2
      * Update mail to version 2.6.5
      * Update pghero to version 1.6.5
      * Update ox to version 2.4.13
      * Update json to version 2.1.0
      * Update capistrano-rbenv to version 2.1.1
      * Update httplog to version 0.99.3
      * Update rainbow to version 2.2.2
      * Update pkg-config to version 1.2.0
      * Update globalid to version 0.4.0
      * Update redis-rack to version 2.0.2
      * Update webmock to version 3.0.1
      * Update oj to version 3.0.2
    • Matt Jankowski's avatar
      More status specs (#2564) · effb08ed
      Matt Jankowski authored
      * Add rough outline of coverage needed for public timeline
      * Specs for visibility, replies, boosts
      * Specs for silenced account
      * Specs for local_only option
      * Specs for blocks and mutes
      * Add tentative spec around including other silenced account statuses
      * Add with_public_visibility scope
      * Add simple coverage for tag_timeline
      * Tag timeline includes replies
      * Replace tag.statuses with a tagged_with scope in tag timeline method
      * Use with_public_visibility in tag timeline
      * Extract common scope between public and tag timelines to method
      * Extract local domain check to local_only scope
      * Extract local_only check to starting scope method
      * Move list of excluded from timeline account ids to account model
      * Simplify excluded accounts list on account model
      * Only join accounts when needed
      * Rename method for account specific filtering
      * Extract method for account exclusions
      * Fix bug where silenced accounts were not including statuses from other silenced accounts
      * DRY up filter application from account or no account
      * timeline_scope can be private
      * Add spec showing that account can find its excluded accounts ids
      * Add spec which fails if local_only does not have a left outer join
      * rubocop
    • Ratmir Karabut's avatar
      Update Russian translation (#2570) · d1b4ebe0
      Ratmir Karabut authored
      New column subheadings
    • Ash Furrow's avatar
      Update version to 1.3.1 (#2571) · 5eef9dab
      Ash Furrow authored
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      Use the new Ruby 1.9 hash syntax (#2577) · 2ca246d7
      y-temp4 authored
  3. 27 Apr, 2017 17 commits