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    Add headings to the security settings page (#6661) · cb74c0cf
    Sylvhem authored
    * Changes the headings' rank of the security settings section
    This commit changes the existing headings' rank of the security settings section from level 6 to level 4.
    * Renames the auth.change_password string into auth.security
    The "Security" preferences' section used to be called "Change password". When it was renamed, the string name wasn't changed.
    This commits changes auth.change_password to auth.security.
    * Adds a heading to the password change form
    There was previously no heading for the part of the "Security" page that contain the password change form.
    This commit adds a rank 4 heading to this section and reintroduces an "auth.change_password" string to be used inside it.
    * Removes useless HR elements
    The various sections of the "Security" settings page were previously separated by HR elements.
    Now that there is proper headings, they're not required anymore.
    * Updates CSS
    This commit updates CSS in such a way that the same style is applied to all the H4 elements of the settings.
    * Correct a mistake
    A character went missing on one of the previous commits, broking the CSS.
    This new commit fixes it.