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......@@ -26,51 +26,51 @@
"processing": "Processing, you'll soon be asked to download your file"
"features_panel": {
"chat": "Chat",
"chat": "گپ",
"gopher": "Gopher",
"media_proxy": "Media proxy",
"scope_options": "Scope options",
"text_limit": "Text limit",
"title": "Features",
"media_proxy": "پراکسی رسانه",
"scope_options": "گزینه های محدوده",
"text_limit": "محدودیت نوشته",
"title": "امکانات",
"who_to_follow": "Who to follow"
"finder": {
"error_fetching_user": "Error fetching user",
"find_user": "Find user"
"error_fetching_user": "خطا در بارگیری کاربر",
"find_user": "پیداکردن کاربر"
"general": {
"apply": "Apply",
"submit": "Submit",
"more": "More",
"generic_error": "An error occured",
"optional": "optional",
"show_more": "Show more",
"show_less": "Show less",
"cancel": "Cancel",
"disable": "Disable",
"enable": "Enable",
"confirm": "Confirm",
"verify": "Verify"
"apply": "بکار بردن",
"submit": "ارسال",
"more": "بیشتر",
"generic_error": "خطایی رخ داد",
"optional": "احنیاری",
"show_more": "نمایش بیشتر",
"show_less": "نمایش کمتر",
"cancel": "لغو",
"disable": "غیرفعال",
"enable": "فعال",
"confirm": "تایید",
"verify": "تایید کنید"
"image_cropper": {
"crop_picture": "Crop picture",
"save": "Save",
"save_without_cropping": "Save without cropping",
"cancel": "Cancel"
"crop_picture": "برش تصویر",
"save": "دخیره",
"save_without_cropping": "دخیره بدون برش تصویر",
"cancel": "لغو"
"importer": {
"submit": "Submit",
"success": "Imported successfully.",
"error": "An error occured while importing this file."
"submit": "ارسال",
"success": "با موفقیت وارد شد.",
"error": "خطایی هنگام وارد کردن فایل رخ داد."
"login": {
"login": "Log in",
"description": "Log in with OAuth",
"logout": "Log out",
"password": "Password",
"placeholder": "e.g. lain",
"register": "Register",
"username": "Username",
"login": "ورود",
"description": "ورود با OAuth",
"logout": "خروج",
"password": "کلمه عبور",
"placeholder": "مثلا فارسی",
"register": "ثبت نام",
"username": "نام کاربری",
"hint": "Log in to join the discussion",
"authentication_code": "Authentication code",
"enter_recovery_code": "Enter a recovery code",
......@@ -82,16 +82,16 @@
"media_modal": {
"previous": "Previous",
"next": "Next"
"previous": "قبلی",
"next": "بعدی"
"nav": {
"about": "About",
"administration": "Administration",
"back": "Back",
"chat": "Local Chat",
"friend_requests": "Follow Requests",
"mentions": "Mentions",
"about": "دباره",
"administration": "مدیریت",
"back": "قبل",
"chat": "گپ محلی",
"friend_requests": "درخواست های دنبال کردن",
"mentions": "نام بردن ها",
"interactions": "Interactions",
"dms": "Direct Messages",
"public_tl": "Public Timeline",
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