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minor modification of Chinese translation

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......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@
"followed_you": "关注了你",
"load_older": "加载更早的通知",
"notifications": "通知",
"read": "Read!",
"read": "阅读!",
"repeated_you": "转发了你的状态"
"post_status": {
......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@
"settings": {
"attachmentRadius": "附件",
"attachments": "附件",
"autoload": "启用滚动到底部时自动加载",
"autoload": "启用滚动到底部时自动加载",
"avatar": "头像",
"avatarAltRadius": "头像(通知)",
"avatarRadius": "头像",
......@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@
"delete_account_description": "永久删除你的帐号和所有消息。",
"delete_account_error": "删除账户时发生错误,如果一直删除不了,请联系实例管理员。",
"delete_account_instructions": "在下面输入你的密码来确认删除账户",
"export_theme": "保存预置主题",
"export_theme": "导出预置主题",
"filtering": "过滤器",
"filtering_explanation": "所有包含以下词汇的内容都会被隐藏,一行一个",
"follow_export": "导出关注",
......@@ -114,12 +114,12 @@
"hide_post_stats": "隐藏推文相关的统计数据(例如:收藏的次数)",
"hide_user_stats": "隐藏用户的统计数据(例如:关注者的数量)",
"import_followers_from_a_csv_file": "从 csv 文件中导入关注",
"import_theme": "加载预置主题",
"import_theme": "导入预置主题",
"inputRadius": "输入框",
"instance_default": "(默认:{value})",
"interfaceLanguage": "界面语言",
"invalid_theme_imported": "所选择的主题文件不被 Pleroma 支持,因此主题未被修改。",
"limited_availability": "在的浏览器中无法使用",
"invalid_theme_imported": "所选择的主题文件不被 Pleroma 支持,因此主题未被修改。",
"limited_availability": "在的浏览器中无法使用",
"links": "链接",
"lock_account_description": "你需要手动审核关注请求",
"loop_video": "循环视频",
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