Commit 59f29313 authored by HJ's avatar HJ 🐼

Merge branch 'fix/text-dont-media-viewer' into 'develop'

fix english settings label regarding how to view videos

See merge request pleroma/pleroma-fe!909
parents d4c366a1 3e7f0ecf
......@@ -262,7 +262,7 @@
"loop_video": "Loop videos",
"loop_video_silent_only": "Loop only videos without sound (i.e. Mastodon's \"gifs\")",
"mutes_tab": "Mutes",
"play_videos_in_modal": "Play videos directly in the media viewer",
"play_videos_in_modal": "Play videos in a popup frame",
"use_contain_fit": "Don't crop the attachment in thumbnails",
"name": "Name",
"name_bio": "Name & Bio",
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