Commit 6f0c73c3 authored by dtluna's avatar dtluna
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Added previews for videos and audios

parent 4f8d476a
......@@ -4,7 +4,10 @@
<img :key="nsfwImage" :src="nsfwImage"></img>
<a class="image-attachment" v-if="type === 'image' && !nsfw" :href="attachment.url" target="_blank"><img :src="attachment.url"></img></a>
<a class="image-attachment" v-if="type === 'image' && !nsfw"
:href="attachment.url" target="_blank">
<img :src="attachment.url"></img>
<video v-if="type === 'video' && !nsfw" :src="attachment.url" controls></video>
......@@ -7,6 +7,9 @@
<div class="attachments">
<div class="attachment" v-for="file in newStatus.files">
<img class="thumbnail media-upload" :src="file.image" v-if="type(file) === 'image'"></img>
<video v-if="type(file) === 'video'" :src="file.image" controls></video>
<audio v-if="type(file) === 'audio'" :src="file.image" controls></audio>
<a v-if="type(file) === 'unknown'" :href="file.image">{{file.url}}</a>
<div class='form-bottom'>
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