Commit 0f65280e authored by Tae Hoon's avatar Tae Hoon

use top placement by default

parent 72fe385e
......@@ -171,7 +171,7 @@
<div class="heading-reply-row">
<div v-if="isReply" class="reply-to-and-accountname">
<Popper ref="statusPreviewPopper" :options="{ placement: 'bottom-start' }" @show="replyEnter(status.in_reply_to_status_id)">
<Popper ref="statusPreviewPopper" :options="{ placement: 'top-start' }" @show="replyEnter(status.in_reply_to_status_id)">
<div class="popper-wrapper status-preview">
<div class="popper-wrapper-inner" @mouseover.prevent.stop @focus.prevent.stop>
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