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"theme": "pleroma-dark",
"background": "/static/aurora_borealis.jpg",
"logo": "/static/logo.png",
"theme": "bird",
"logo": "/instance/thumbnail.jpeg",
"redirectRootNoLogin": "/main/all",
"redirectRootLogin": "/main/friends",
"chatDisabled": false,
"showWhoToFollowPanel": false,
"chatDisabled": true,
"showWhoToFollowPanel": true,
"whoToFollowProvider": "{{host}}+{{user}}",
"whoToFollowProviderDummy2": "{{user}}@{{host}}",
"whoToFollowLink": "{{host}}+{{user}}",
"whoToFollowLinkDummy2": "",
"showInstanceSpecificPanel": false,
"showInstanceSpecificPanel": true,
"scopeOptionsEnabled": false
<h4>Terms of Service</h4>
<a target="_blank" href="/about/more">このインスタンスについて</a>
<p>This is a placeholder ToS.</p>
<p>Edit <code>"/static/terms-of-service.html"</code> to make it fit the needs of your instance.</p>
<img src="/static/logo.png"/ style="display: block; margin: auto;">
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