Commit 42ae5c8f authored by noyuno's avatar noyuno


parent 807b8e77
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......@@ -123,9 +123,9 @@ config :pleroma, :fe,
redirect_root_no_login: "/main/all",
redirect_root_login: "/main/friends",
show_instance_panel: true,
scope_options_enabled: false,
formatting_options_enabled: false,
collapse_message_with_subject: false,
scope_options_enabled: true,
formatting_options_enabled: true,
collapse_message_with_subject: true,
hide_post_stats: false,
hide_user_stats: false
......@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ config :pleroma, :gopher,
port: 9999
config :pleroma, :suggestions,
enabled: false,
enabled: true,
timeout: 300_000,
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