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......@@ -13,6 +13,23 @@ Instead, overload the settings by editing the following files:
* `dev.secret.exs`: custom additional configuration for `MIX_ENV=dev`
* `prod.secret.exs`: custom additional configuration for `MIX_ENV=prod`
## Block functionality
config :pleroma, :activitypub,
accept_blocks: true,
unfollow_blocked: true,
outgoing_blocks: true
config :pleroma, :user, deny_follow_blocked: true
* `accept_blocks`: whether to accept incoming block activities from
other instances
* `unfollow_blocked`: whether blocks result in people getting
* `outgoing_blocks`: whether to federate blocks to other instances
* `deny_follow_blocked`: whether to disallow following an account that
has blocked the user in question
## Message Rewrite Filters (MRFs)
Modify incoming and outgoing posts.
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