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# Configuring Pleroma
In the `config/` directory, you will find the following relevant files:
* `config.exs`: default base configuration
* `dev.exs`: default additional configuration for `MIX_ENV=dev`
* `prod.exs`: default additional configuration for `MIX_ENV=prod`
Additionally, you can overload options in the following files:
* `dev.secret.exs`: additional custom configuration for `MIX_ENV=dev`
* `prod.secret.exs`: additional custom configuration for `MIX_ENV=prod`
## Message Rewrite Filters (MRFs)
Modify incoming and outgoing posts.
config :pleroma, :instance,
rewrite_policy: Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.MRF.NoOpPolicy
`rewrite_policy` specifies which MRF policies to apply. It can either be a single policy or a list of policies.
Currently, MRFs availible by default are:
* `Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.MRF.NoOpPolicy`
* `Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.MRF.DropPolicy`
* `Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.MRF.SimplePolicy`
* `Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.MRF.RejectNonPublic`
Some policies, such as SimplePolicy and RejectNonPublic, can be additionally configured in their respective sections.
### NoOpPolicy
Does not modify posts (this is the default `rewrite_policy`)
### DropPolicy
Drops all posts. It generally does not make sense to use this in production.
### SimplePolicy
Versatile policy for applying effects to posts from certain instances.
config :pleroma, :mrf_simple,
media_removal: [],
media_nsfw: [],
federated_timeline_removal: [],
reject: []
* `media_removal`: posts from these instances will have attachments removed
* `media_nsfw`: posts from these instances will have attachments marked as nsfw
* `federated_timeline_removal`: posts from these instances will be marked as unlisted
* `reject`: posts from these instances will be dropped
### RejectNonPublic
Drops posts with non-public visibility settings.
config :pleroma :mrf_rejectnonpublic
allow_followersonly: false,
allow_direct: false,
* `allow_followersonly`: whether to allow follower-only posts through the filter
* `allow_direct`: whether to allow direct messages through the filter
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