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Docs: Add frontend info to cheat sheet.

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......@@ -645,6 +645,15 @@
config :pleroma, :static_fe, enabled: false
# Example of frontend configuration
# This example will make us serve the primary frontend from the
# `/frontends/pleroma/develop` folder in your instance static directory.
# With no frontend configuration, the bundled files from the `static` directory will
# be used.
# config :pleroma, :frontends, primary: %{"name" => "pleroma", "ref" => "develop"}
config :pleroma, :web_cache_ttl,
activity_pub: nil,
activity_pub_question: 30_000
......@@ -1046,3 +1046,23 @@ Note: setting `restrict_unauthenticated/timelines/local` to `true` has no practi
Control favicons for instances.
* `enabled`: Allow/disallow displaying and getting instances favicons
## Frontend management
Frontends in Pleroma are swappable - you can specify which one to use here.
For now, you can set a frontend with the key `primary` and the options of `name` and `ref` set. This will then make Pleroma serve the frontend from a folder constructed by concatenating the instance static path, `frontends` and the name and ref.
If you don't set anything here, the bundled frontend will be used.
config :pleroma, :frontends,
primary: %{
"name" => "pleroma",
"ref" => "stable"
This would serve frontend from the the folder at `$instance_static/frontends/pleroma/stable`. You have to copy the frontend into this folder yourself.
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