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Better advice for vacuuming after restoring.

See merge request !2233
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6. Run `sudo -Hu postgres pg_restore -d <pleroma_db> -v -1 </path/to/backup_location/pleroma.pgdump>`
7. If you installed a newer Pleroma version, you should run `mix ecto.migrate`[^1]. This task performs database migrations, if there were any.
8. Restart the Pleroma service.
9. After you've restarted Pleroma, you will notice that postgres will take up more cpu resources than usual. A lot in fact. To fix this you must do a VACUUM ANLAYZE. This can also be done while the instance is still running like so:
$ sudo -u postgres psql pleroma_database_name
9. Run `sudo -Hu postgres vacuumdb --all --analyze-in-stages`. This will quickly generate the statistics so that postgres can properly plan queries.
[^1]: Prefix with `MIX_ENV=prod` to run it using the production config file.
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