Commit 151d6d4a authored by rinpatch's avatar rinpatch

parse_fragment: fix {:error, :badmatch} when the option list is passed

All lists with items have an empty list as tail, so we need to decode
that before we get to the next argument
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......@@ -204,7 +204,6 @@ static void handle_send (state_t * state, erlang_msg * emsg)
goto out;
// the tuple should begin with a `decode` atom.
char atom[MAXATOMLEN];
if (ei_decode_atom (state->buffer.buff, &state->buffer.index, atom) < 0)
......@@ -252,6 +251,11 @@ static void handle_send (state_t * state, erlang_msg * emsg)
parse_flags_t parse_flags = decode_parse_flags (state, arity);
// Lists with items always have an empty list as their tail
if (arity != 0)
if (ei_decode_list_header (state->buffer.buff, &state->buffer.index, &arity) < 0)
panic ("failed to decode empty list header after option list in message");
// if we are parsing a fragment, context tag name should come next
myhtml_tag_id_t context_tag_id = 0;
if (fragment) {
......@@ -86,6 +86,8 @@ defmodule :fast_html do
{:ok, [{"html", [], ["rin is the <i>best</i> girl"]}]}
iex> :fast_html.decode_fragment("rin is the <i>best</i> girl", context: "objective_truth")
{:error, :unknown_context_tag}
iex> :fast_html.decode_fragment("rin is the <i>best</i> girl", format: [:html_atoms])
{:ok, [{:html, [], ["rin is the ", {:i, [], ["best"]}, " girl"]}]}
def decode_fragment(bin, opts \\ []) do
flags = Keyword.get(opts, :format, [])
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