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# Myhtmlex
# FastHTML
Bindings for lexborisov's [myhtml](
A C Node wrapping lexborisov's [myhtml](
Primarily used with [FastSanitize](
* Available as a hex package: `{:myhtmlex, "~> 0.2.0"}`
* [Documentation](
* Available as a hex package: `{:fast_html, "~> 0.1.0"}`
* [Documentation](
## Example
iex> Myhtmlex.decode("<h1>Hello world</h1>")
iex> :fast_html.decode("<h1>Hello world</h1>")
{"html", [], [{"head", [], []}, {"body", [], [{"h1", [], ["Hello world"]}]}]}
Benchmark results (removed Nif calling mode) on various file sizes on a 2,5Ghz Core i7:
......@@ -31,17 +32,4 @@ Bindings for lexborisov's [myhtml](
## Contribution / Bug Reports
* Please make sure you do `git submodule update` after a checkout/pull
* If you have problems building the project, please consider adding a Dockerfile to `build-tests/` to replicate the build error
* The project aims to be fully tested
## Roadmap
The exposed functions on `Myhtmlex` are not subject to change.
This project is under active development.
* [ ] Expose node-retrieval functions
* [x] Parse a HTML-document into a tree
* [x] Investigate safety and calling options
* [x] Call as dirty-nif
* [x] Call as C-Node (check branch `c-node`)
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