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Remove application configuration

parent 529014c8
# This file is responsible for configuring your application
# and its dependencies with the aid of the Mix.Config module.
use Mix.Config
# This configuration is loaded before any dependency and is restricted
# to this project. If another project depends on this project, this
# file won't be loaded nor affect the parent project. For this reason,
# if you want to provide default values for your application for
# 3rd-party users, it should be done in your "mix.exs" file.
# You can configure for your application as:
# config :auto_linker, key: :value
# And access this configuration in your application as:
# Application.get_env(:auto_linker, :key)
# Or configure a 3rd-party app:
# config :logger, level: :info
# It is also possible to import configuration files, relative to this
# directory. For example, you can emulate configuration per environment
# by uncommenting the line below and defining dev.exs, test.exs and such.
# Configuration from the imported file will override the ones defined
# here (which is why it is important to import them last).
# import_config "#{Mix.env}.exs"
......@@ -38,7 +38,10 @@ defmodule AutoLinker.Parser do
@tlds "./priv/tlds.txt" |>!() |> String.split("\n", trim: true) |>
@default_opts ~w(url validate_tld)a
@default_opts %{
url: true,
validate_tld: true
@doc """
Parse the given string, identifying items to link.
......@@ -52,27 +55,12 @@ defmodule AutoLinker.Parser do
def parse(input, opts \\ %{})
def parse(input, opts) when is_binary(input), do: {input, nil} |> parse(opts) |> elem(0)
def parse(input, opts) when is_binary(input), do: {input, %{}} |> parse(opts) |> elem(0)
def parse(input, list) when is_list(list), do: parse(input, Enum.into(list, %{}))
def parse(input, opts) do
config =
|> Application.get_env(:opts, [])
|> Enum.into(%{})
|> Map.put(
Application.get_env(:auto_linker, :attributes, [])
opts = Map.merge(@default_opts, opts)
opts =
Enum.reduce(@default_opts, opts, fn opt, acc ->
if is_nil(opts[opt]) and is_nil(config[opt]) do
Map.put(acc, opt, true)
do_parse(input, Map.merge(config, opts))
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