Commit 108b310e authored by rinpatch's avatar rinpatch

Fix pack after LFS fucked up

parent d6d2b0c2
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"files": "finmoji.json"
"": {
"src_sha256": "215867A792A5BFD0A0FB77D829C80F7C5410620B9DDE8E193978F01F1DC3B6C2",
"src_sha256": "c12eb8367dfeb67cbafdf3e51bbb77367ab707ec3745aef8e3813ff6a046adc5",
"src": "",
"license": "Apache 2.0",
"homepage": "",
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  • Pleroma uses git-lfs now?

  • the emoji repo uses git-lfs for packs

    Edited by rinpatch
  • why did the sha256 change?

  • I assumed that's because @vaartis no longer had access to the original archive and had to repack it. I looked through the files and they did not seem suspicious to me

  • @lambadalambda

    That is true. I assumed that since i uploaded it to gitlab. i didn't need it on me anymore, so i deleted it. When i got the notification about the fact that gitlab deleted it, i SSHed to a linux machine and did the same procedure i did for the first pack. I thought the SHA would be the same, but it wasn't. Probably has something to do with the way zip archives are created.

    We really should use somthing that won't delete files like that.

    Edited by vaartis
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