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......@@ -130,6 +130,16 @@ Behind this (maybe self-aggrandising) Jungian reference is another
as "the totality of divine powers." How this reflects on our views toward the
fediverse at large is completely open to interpretation.
### How do you spell "Pleroma"?
*** this section is non-normative ***
Recurring joke which probably comes from misspells of pleroma,
for example: plemora.
The current ways to write theses is:
- in regex form: ``/(pleb|[bp][lrm])([aeo][lrm]){3}[lrm]?/i``
- in shell brace-expansion form: ``{pleb,{b,p}{{l,r,m},}{a,e,o}}{l,r,m}{a,e,o}{l,r,m}{a,e,o}{l,r,m,}``
## Administrative Concerns
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