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......@@ -102,3 +102,48 @@ Beyond this, the Jungian reference is a direct reference to Gnosticism,
wherein Pleroma is described as the "totality of divine powers." How
this reflects upon our view toward the fediverse at large is open to
## Administrative Concerns
### How do I find out who runs a Pleroma instance?
You can retrieve a full list of instance staff by requesting the instance's
NodeInfo, which can be retrieved from `/nodeinfo/2.0.json` for example.
You can also view NodeInfo data from crawlers such as, this
is probably easier. In fact, since we plugged here, they
will probably add a staff listing feature based on the NodeInfo data they already
collect. Or not. Who knows.
Failing that, Pleroma is getting an `/about` page very soon which will
have this information and more.
### How do I find a list of configuration options for Pleroma?
You can view the documentation about the config options [here](
### How do I block instances?
Instance blocking is one of the main functions delegated to the MRF (Message
Rewrite Facility). MRF is a modular system which allows a wide latitude of
flexibility regarding the processing of messages.
Using the built in MRF modules for common tasks is covered in the [Pleroma wiki][mrf].
### How do I federate with the Dark Web?
![Dark web](data/dark-web.jpg)
Federation with Tor .onion nodes and I2P .i2p nodes is fully supported.
A tutorial for configuring Pleroma to federate using the SOCKS proxies included
with the software for both networks is available in the [Pleroma wiki][dark-web].
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