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Tooter is Mastodon client for Sailfish OS. It is a free, open-source social network. A decentralized alternative to commercial platforms, it avoids the risks of a single company monopolizing your communication.
## Screenshot
![Simple and cute cover](https://grave-design.com/images/tooter/sailfishos-tooter-cover.png | width=200)
![Never miss a notification](https://grave-design.com/images/tooter/sailfishos-tooter-notifications.png | width=200)
![Rich timeline with media display](https://grave-design.com/images/tooter/sailfishos-tooter-home.png | width=200)
<img width="200" title="Simple and cute cover" src="https://grave-design.com/images/tooter/sailfishos-tooter-cover.png">
<img width="200" title="Never miss a notification" src="https://grave-design.com/images/tooter/sailfishos-tooter-notifications.png">
<img width="200" title="Rich timeline with media display" src="https://grave-design.com/images/tooter/sailfishos-tooter-home.png">
## License
`// TODO`
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