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    Fix end-user-facing uses of inline CSS (#13438) · 0e362b76
    ThibG authored
    * Move some inline styles to CSS files
    * Move default_account_display_name span to fix useless tags with duplicate id
    * Change handling of public pages spoiler text from inline CSS to dataset attribute
    * Use the `dir` HTML attribute instead of inline CSS
    * Move status action bar inline CSS to CSS file
    * Hide logo resources from CSS file, not inline CSS
    Fixes #11601
    * Move translation prompt styling from inline CSS to CSS file
    * Move “invited by” styling on registration form from inline to CSS file
    * Use the progress tag to display poll results in JS fallback
    * Fix poll results JS-less fallback when the user has voted for an option
    * Change account public page “moved” notice to use img tags instead of inline CSS
    * Move OTP hint inline CSS to SCSS file
    * Hide JS-less fallback vote progressbars from accessibility tools
    Co-authored-by: default avatarEugen Rochko <eugen@zeonfederated.com>