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    Replace sprockets/browserify with Webpack (#2617) · f5bf5ebb
    Eugen Rochko authored
    * Replace browserify with webpack
    * Add react-intl-translations-manager
    * Do not minify in development, add offline-plugin for ServiceWorker background cache updates
    * Adjust tests and dependencies
    * Fix production deployments
    * Fix tests
    * More optimizations
    * Improve travis cache for npm stuff
    * Re-run travis
    * Add back support for custom.scss as before
    * Remove offline-plugin and babili
    * Fix issue with Immutable.List().unshift(...values) not working as expected
    * Make travis load schema instead of running all migrations in sequence
    * Fix missing React import in WarningContainer. Optimize rendering performance by using ImmutablePureComponent instead of
    React.PureComponent. ImmutablePureComponent uses Immutable.is() to compare props. Replace dynamic callback bindings in
    <UI />
    * Add react definitions to places that use JSX
    * Add Procfile.dev for running rails, webpack and streaming API at the same time