Verified Commit 025762cd authored by Haelwenn's avatar Haelwenn
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[glitch-port] initial_state.js: consistent max_toot_chars

parent 10df6a5a
......@@ -22,10 +22,13 @@ export const favouriteModal = getMeta('favourite_modal');
export const deleteModal = getMeta('delete_modal');
export const me = getMeta('me');
export const searchEnabled = getMeta('search_enabled');
export const maxChars = (initialState && initialState.max_toot_chars) || 500;
export const maxChars = getMeta('max_toot_chars') || 500;
//@TODO: Look if possible to reuse for AdminAPI
export const invitesEnabled = getMeta('invites_enabled');
//Should it be set to something?
export const version = getMeta('version');
export const mascot = getMeta('mascot');
//@TODO: Look if possible to reuse for AdminAPI
export const isStaff = getMeta('is_staff');
export const deleteOthersNotice = getRight('delete_others_notice');
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