Verified Commit f1cd875a authored by Haelwenn's avatar Haelwenn
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config/webpack/production.js: Remove caching in OfflinePlugin (introduced in 0692991b)

parent f6ec8afc
......@@ -46,23 +46,7 @@ module.exports = merge(sharedConfig, {
plugins: [
new OfflinePlugin({
publicPath: output.publicPath, // sw.js must be served from the root to avoid scope issues
safeToUseOptionalCaches: true,
caches: {
main: [':rest:'],
additional: [':externals:'],
optional: [
'**/locale_*.js', // don't fetch every locale; the user only needs one
'**/*_polyfills-*.js', // the user may not need polyfills
'**/*.woff2', // the user may have system-fonts enabled
// images/audio can be cached on-demand
caches: {},
externals: [
'/emoji/1f602.svg', // used for emoji picker dropdown
'/emoji/sheet_10.png', // used in emoji-mart
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