1. 01 Mar, 2019 23 commits
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      Merge pull request #932 from ThibG/glitch-soc/merge-upstream · b969b150
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      Merge upstream changes
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      Fix serialization of boosts (#10129) · ee7d79c0
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      The condition introduced by #9998 was wrong, serializing boosts
      that weren't self-boosts, and not serializing self-boosts.
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      Improved remote thread fetching (#10106) · 9d3c6f18
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      * Fetch up to 5 replies when discovering a new remote status
      This is used for resolving threads downwards. The originating
      server must add a “replies” attributes with such replies for it to
      be useful.
      * Add some tests for ActivityPub::FetchRepliesWorker
      * Add specs for ActivityPub::FetchRepliesService
      * Serialize up to 5 public self-replies for ActivityPub notes
      * Add specs for ActivityPub::NoteSerializer
      * Move exponential backoff logic to a worker concern
      * Fetch first page of paginated collections when fetching thread replies
      * Add specs for paginated collections in replies
      * Move Note replies serialization to a first CollectionPage
      The collection isn't actually paginable yet as it has no id nor
      a `next` field. This may come in another PR.
      * Use pluck(:uri) instead of map(&:uri) to improve performances
      * Fix fetching replies when they are in a CollectionPage
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