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# pleroma-docker-compose
This repo can be used as an example of utilizing docker-compose for your pleroma instance. It will start a pleroma instance container and pleroma-db (postgres) container. The instance will be available on `` - you will need to provide your own proxy such as nginx.
Please be advised you may need to adjust some things to fit your environment.
To deploy a pleroma instance using docker-compose - perform the following:
# git clone
# cd pleroma-docker-compose
You will need to edit the `./environments/pleroma/pleroma.env` and replace the `` domain with your own (and other necessary configuration variables you need)
After, start the containers with:
# docker-compuse up -d
After pleroma initializes it should be available to proxy to on port 4000.
You can customize the mounted config.exs to extend the pleroma config outside the ones generated off environment variables
In `./volumes/pleroma/config.exs` you can append like so:
# cat volumes/pleroma/config.exs
import Config
config :pleroma, :instance,
registrations_open: true,
federating: true
The postgres database files are located in `./volumes/pleroma-db/pgdata`. You can also insert postgres startup scripts inside `./volumes/pleroma-db/pginit`
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