Commit 58839ece authored by Tae Hoon's avatar Tae Hoon

change N/A to Hidden

parent 85685d64
...@@ -208,14 +208,14 @@ ...@@ -208,14 +208,14 @@
@click.prevent="setProfileView('friends')" @click.prevent="setProfileView('friends')"
> >
<h5>{{ $t('user_card.followees') }}</h5> <h5>{{ $t('user_card.followees') }}</h5>
<span>{{ hideFollowsCount ? $t('') : user.friends_count }}</span> <span>{{ hideFollowsCount ? $t('user_card.hidden') : user.friends_count }}</span>
</div> </div>
<div <div
class="user-count" class="user-count"
@click.prevent="setProfileView('followers')" @click.prevent="setProfileView('followers')"
> >
<h5>{{ $t('user_card.followers') }}</h5> <h5>{{ $t('user_card.followers') }}</h5>
<span>{{ hideFollowersCount ? $t('') : user.followers_count }}</span> <span>{{ hideFollowersCount ? $t('user_card.hidden') : user.followers_count }}</span>
</div> </div>
</div> </div>
<!-- eslint-disable vue/no-v-html --> <!-- eslint-disable vue/no-v-html -->
...@@ -569,12 +569,12 @@ ...@@ -569,12 +569,12 @@
"followers": "Followers", "followers": "Followers",
"following": "Following!", "following": "Following!",
"follows_you": "Follows you!", "follows_you": "Follows you!",
"hidden": "Hidden",
"its_you": "It's you!", "its_you": "It's you!",
"media": "Media", "media": "Media",
"mention": "Mention", "mention": "Mention",
"mute": "Mute", "mute": "Mute",
"muted": "Muted", "muted": "Muted",
"na": "N/A",
"per_day": "per day", "per_day": "per day",
"remote_follow": "Remote follow", "remote_follow": "Remote follow",
"report": "Report", "report": "Report",
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