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This hasn't been updated in 2 years and we have now.
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## 2017-02-20
- Overall CSS styling fixes
- Current theme is displayed in theme selector
- Theme selector is moved to the settings page
- Oembed attachments will now display correctly
- Styling changes to the user info cards
- Notification count in title
- Better Notification handling (persistance, mark as read)
- Post statuses with ctrl+enter
- Links in statuses open in a new tab
- Optimized mobile view
- Fix crash on persistance failure
- Compress persisted state
- Sync mutes with backend (SEE NOTE BELOW)
Pleroma will now try to get the current mutes from the backend. Sadly, a bug in
Qvitter will not allow getting the mutes from the endpoint, because it will
ignore HTTP Basic authentication. Mutes will still persist in Pleroma through
localstorage, but the mutes from Qvitter won't be picked up if the call fails.
The patch for Qvitter:
--- a/actions/apiqvittermutes.php
+++ b/actions/apiqvittermutes.php
@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ class ApiQvitterMutesAction extends ApiPrivateAuthAction
- $this->target = Profile::current();
+ $this->target = $this->scoped;
if(!$this->target instanceof Profile) {
$this->clientError(_('You have to be logged in to view your mutes.'), 403);
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