Commit e14a1584 authored by kaniini's avatar kaniini

Merge branch 'bugfix/emoji-tooltip' into 'develop'

entity normalizer: add tooltip text to emojis

Closes #544

See merge request pleroma/pleroma-fe!798
parents 23c4c0c7 00ad97fc
Pipeline #12006 passed with stages
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......@@ -171,7 +171,7 @@ export const addEmojis = (string, emojis) => {
return emojis.reduce((acc, emoji) => {
return acc.replace(
new RegExp(`:${emoji.shortcode}:`, 'g'),
`<img src='${emoji.url}' alt='${emoji.shortcode}' class='emoji' />`
`<img src='${emoji.url}' alt='${emoji.shortcode}' title='${emoji.shortcode}' class='emoji' />`
}, string)
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