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2.0.0 announcement: fix accidental italic

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......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ Pleroma 2.0.0 released with emoji reactions, OStatus removal, configuration from
- **Breaking:** OAuth: defaulted `[:auth, :enforce_oauth_admin_scope_usage]` setting to `true` which demands `admin` OAuth scope to perform admin actions (in addition to `is_admin` flag on User); make sure to use bundled or newer versions of AdminFE & PleromaFE to access admin / moderator features.
- **Breaking:** Dynamic configuration has been rearchitected. The `:pleroma, :instance, dynamic_configuration` setting has been replaced with `config :pleroma, configurable_from_database`. Please backup your configuration to a file and run the migration task to ensure consistency with the new schema.
- **Breaking:** `:instance, no_attachment_links` has been replaced with `:instance, attachment_links` which still takes a boolean value but doesn't use double negative language.
- Replaced [pleroma_job_queue]( and `Pleroma.Web.Federator.RetryQueue` with [Oban]( (see [`docs/`](docs/ on migrating customized worker / retry settings)
- Replaced [pleroma\_job\_queue]( and `Pleroma.Web.Federator.RetryQueue` with [Oban]( (see [`docs/`](docs/ on migrating customized worker / retry settings)
- Introduced [quantum]( job scheduler
- Enabled `:instance, extended_nickname_format` in the default config
- Add `rel="ugc"` to all links in statuses, to prevent SEO spam
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