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Add 2.0.3 release announcement

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title: "Pleroma security release: 2.0.3"
date: 2020-05-02 12:36 UTC
tags: ["stable", "Release"]
authors: ["rinpatch"]
Pleroma 2.0.3 is a security release, fixing: possibility of re-registration of previously deleted users, ability to force a follow from a local user, and bugs found after 2.0.2 release.
## Backend changes
### Security
- Disallow re-registration of previously deleted users, which allowed viewing direct messages addressed to them
- Mastodon API: Fix `POST /api/v1/follow_requests/:id/authorize` allowing to force a follow from a local user even if they didn't request to follow
- CSP: Sandbox uploads
### Fixed
- Notifications from blocked domains
- Potential federation issues with Mastodon versions before 3.0.0
- HTTP Basic Authentication permissions issue
- Follow/Block imports not being able to find the user if the nickname started with an `@`
- Instance stats counting internal users
- Inability to run a From Source release without git
- ObjectAgePolicy didn't filter out old messages
- `blob:` urls not being allowed by CSP
### Added
- Follow request notifications
- NodeInfo: ObjectAgePolicy settings to the `federation` list.
- <details>
<summary>API Changes</summary>
- Admin API: `GET /api/pleroma/admin/need_reboot`.
## Pleroma-FE changes
### Fixed
- Show more/less works correctly with auto-collapsed subjects and long posts
- RTL characters won't look messed up in notifications
### Changed
- Emoji autocomplete will match any part of the word and not just start, for example :drool will now helpfully suggest :blobcatdrool: and :blobcatdroolreach:
### Added
- Follow request notification support
## Admin-FE changes
### Added
- Link settings that enable registrations and invites
### Changed
- Put Instance Reboot button on all pages of admin-fe
- Make Instance Reboot button's positon fixed on Settings page
- Update jest and babel-jest
- Generate an invite link when an invite token has been generated
- Put labels on top of inputs in mobile version
- Shorten suggestions for a series of select inputs: Rewrite policy, Pleroma Authenticator, Captcha Method, Mailer adapter, Metadata providers, Rich Media parsers, TTL setters, Scrub policy, Uploader, Filters and Federation publisher modules
### Fixed
- Disable Invites tab when invites are disabled on BE
## Upgrade notes
1. Restart Pleroma
2. Run database migrations (inside Pleroma directory):
- OTP: `./bin/pleroma_ctl migrate`
- From Source: `mix ecto.migrate`
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