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title: "Pleroma security release: 2.0.1"
date: 2020-03-15 21:23 UTC
tags: ["stable", "Release"]
authors: ["rinpatch"]
Pleroma 2.0.1 is a security release, fixing improper HTML sanitization in Static-FE and bugs found after 2.0.0 release.
## Backend changes
### Security
- Static-FE: Fix remote posts not being sanitized
### Fixed
- Rate limiter crashes when there is no explicitly specified ip in the config
- 500 errors when no `Accept` header is present if Static-FE is enabled
- Instance panel not being updated immediately due to wrong `Cache-Control` headers
- Statuses posted with BBCode/Markdown having unncessary newlines in Pleroma-FE
- OTP: Fix some settings not being migrated to in-database config properly
- No `Cache-Control` headers on attachment/media proxy requests
- Character limit enforcement being off by 1
- Mastodon Streaming API: hashtag timelines not working
### Changed
- BBCode and Markdown formatters will no longer return any `\n` and only use `<br/>` for newlines
- Mastodon API: Allow registration without email if email verification is not enabled
## Admin-FE changes
### Added
- Ability to see local statuses in Statuses by instance section
- Ability to configure Oban.Cron settings and settings for notifications streamer
### Fixed
- Fix parsing tuples in Pleroma.Upload.Filter.Mogrify and Pleroma.Emails.Mailer settings
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