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title: "Pleroma patch release: 2.0.6"
date: 2020-06-08 18:55 UTC
tags: ["stable", "Release"]
authors: ["rinpatch"]
Pleroma 2.0.6 is a patch release, bringing some database performance improvements, security hardening and
fixing bugs found after 2.0.5 release.
## Backend changes
### Security
- CSP: harden `image-src` and `media-src` when MediaProxy is used
### Fixed
- AP C2S: Fix pagination in inbox/outbox
- Various compilation errors on OTP 23
- Mastodon API streaming: Repeats from muted threads not being filtered
### Changed
- Various database performance improvements
## Upgrade notes
1. Run database migrations (inside Pleroma directory):
- OTP: `./bin/pleroma_ctl migrate`
- From Source: `mix ecto.migrate`
2. Restart Pleroma
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