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title: "Pleroma patch release: 2.0.2"
date: 2020-04-07 21:59 UTC
tags: ["Release", "stable"]
authors: ["rinpatch"]
Pleroma 2.0.2 is a patch release, fixing bugs found after 2.0.1 release.
## Backend changes
### Added
- Support for Funkwhale's `Audio` activity
- Admin API: `PATCH /api/pleroma/admin/users/:nickname/update_credentials`
### Fixed
- Blocked/muted users still generating push notifications
- Input textbox for bio ignoring newlines
- OTP: Inability to use PostgreSQL databases with SSL
- `user delete_activities` breaking when trying to delete already deleted posts
- Incorrect URL for Funkwhale channels
## Pleroma-FE changes
### Fixed
- Favorite/Repeat avatars not showing up on private instances/non-public posts
- Autocorrect getting triggered in the captcha field
- Overflow on long domains in follow/move notifications
## Admin-FE changes
### Added
- Ability to see local statuses in Statuses by instance section
- Ability to configure Oban.Cron settings and settings for notifications streamer
- Settings search
- Ability to set user's password and email on user's page
- Display status count by scope on Statuses page
### Changed
- Link to Pleroma docs when a non-admin user tries to log in
## Upgrade notes
1. Restart Pleroma
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